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After review, CRTC cancels its 2019 decision

In an unprecedented turn of events, the CRTC overturns its own 2019 ruling on wholesale internet pricing - May 27, 2021

OAKVILLE - May 27, 2021: In a move that will surely force independent ISP's to increase their prices, the CRTC has completed reviewing and elected to rescind its 2019 decision to lower wholesale ...  Read more

Upload speed increase for all WiFibe services

Up to 100% upload speed upgrade for all WiFibe service plans facilitates working and learning from home - Mar 15, 2021

OAKVILLE - March 15, 2021: In order to facilitate working from home and provide even more value during these challenging times, SkyChoice is proud to announce that it has now increased the upload ...  Read more

Supreme Court refuses CRTC's decision appeal

The Supreme Court of Canada won't be hearing big telecom's appeal of the CRTC's 2019 decision - Feb 10, 2021

OAKVILLE - February 25, 2021: The hopes of Canada's big telecom providers for not having to comply with 2019's CRTC ruling may have come to an end today as the Supreme Court of Canada has decided ...  Read more

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